7 September 2021

Healing Together: Supporting Mothers

WE:ARE, a charity in Birmingham have delivered the Healing Together programme to support mothers that have experienced domestic abuse. 19 mothers completed the programme as a pilot and their feedback has been remarkable. 

The results demonstrates that overall, the Healing Together programme has reduced emotional distress for the 19 mothers that completed the programme. Specifically, there was a decrease pre-post intervention within the areas of ‘emotional problems’, ‘conduct problems’, ‘hyperactivity’ and ‘peer problems. 

The Mothers also self-reported that they felt more confident after completing the programme to support their child/children to feel calmer. Parents also reported that after the programme, it felt easier to feel close to their children and their enjoyment score had increased. The qualitative and quantitative data also demonstrates that the programme helped to increase the parents understanding of how the body can be used to calm the brain. 

The Mothers explained that they found the worksheets and video animations useful and accessible. They explained that the simplicity supported them to understand the concepts, and it also gave them a language to be able to use with their own children. 

100% stated that they would recommend the Healing Together programme to another parent/carer. 

Dr Asha Patel (CEO & Clinical Psychologist) said 'The Healing Together Programme was born out of mothers requests, they wanted support for their children. So it is amazing that we are able to go full circle and support the parents too. By resourcing mothers with the tools enables healing to take place'. 

To view the impact report: Click Here



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